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Playable, Unrestricted

What are Psychics

Psychics are an evolution of humanity. While they are technically still human, they've somehow managed to manifest some level of control over the world around them. By thinking about specific actions, they can change themselves and/or their surroundings. Certain psychics, called Mediums, gain the ability to interact with the dead.

Are Psychics Organized

Not at all. Psychics are generally a bunch of disparate individuals and while they may sometimes gather in small numbers, it's never particularly organized, and usually just to learn more about their own abilities.

What do Psychics know about the supernatural?

Not much. Psychics, in general, are not exposed to the supernatural world. Mediums in particular know about and understand that there are things in a world beyond the living world, but they don't necessarily know what those things are.

How does one become psychic?

Psychics, in general, are just an extension or an evolution of humanity. Psychic numina doesn't always flow along bloodlines, but those with psychic family members are more likely to manifest these types of powers.

Mind over Body
Those who master the mind learn to manipulate perception, communication, and the physical world without touching it. These psychics are particularly dangerous due to an ability to manipulate the world from a distance.
Body over Mind
Mastering the body grants a psychic the ability to become physically more dense and survivable, and with a little work, the ability to repair the bodies of others. Never trust that you've actually killed a body psychic.
Mediums often know things they shouldn't - they overhear a ghost speaking, or they let a spirit take their body for a short time. Aside from that, they seem to have some level of influence on the spirits, almost as powerful as certain Faithful ritualists.