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Werewolf Tribe Wendigo


Who are the Wendigo

The Wendigo are one of the three native tribe to the americas. We are the Northern warriors fighting both the Wyrm and our european cousins that we call Wyrmbringers. When they came to our Pure lands they took our Carens and brought the Wyrm with them. They started what is know as the second War of Rage. Here in Quarry Creek it might be time for us to put aside this hatred for the Wyrmbringes, for we need to make a tenuous alliance with them to fight off the greater darkness growing in this world, things like the Stromeater. We can work with them, but never trust a Wyrmbringer.

Tribal Weakness:: May not resist Enrage between May and October. Must spend rage to enter Crinos between November and April Tribal Totem:: Wendigo

The Wendigo View of The Litany

  • Garou shall not mate with other garou
It happens. We need to keep our ranks pure of the stink. If they can survive then they have a place among us. Wendigo is not merciful nor are his people
  • Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds
None are stronger than Wendigo, none fiercer. The Wyrm is everywhere and if we can't keep our people free of the Wyrm’s touch then we do not deserve to live ourselves
  • Respect the territory of another
Is a joke, the wyrmbringes came and took our land, They broke the Littiny, They turn their backs on tradition of our people and plunged the Pure Lands into the waiting teeth of the wyrm.
  • Accept an honorable surrender
Our Numbers are too few to waste the lives of the strong. The Wyrmcomers hold pride too close and wisdom too far. Do not seek their death, but if they think they can offer a false surrender educate them.
  • Submit to those of a high station
This is our way,we have alwaysed listen to our counsel of elders. Their wisdom guilds us in all things
  • The First share of the kill for the greatest in station
Wyrmcomers do not understand this law. They think because they are strong they can take what they want and leave those beneath them to fight for the scraps that remain. Yes the leader goes first, not to hoard for himself , for it is the leader's duty to provide for his tribe
  • Never eat the flesh of man or wolf
We do not eat men. The rumors that we do are tails born of fear. Fear of our strength. Fear of our spirit. If you should find that law has been broken, you hunt the perpetrator and drag them back, but don't tell anyone who is not a Wendigo, this is a private matter for us to deal with.
  • Respect those beneath you, all are of Gaia
It is our duty to protect those beneath us , even if we must protect themselves. We hold the same traditions, call to the same spirits. We taught them to live with the land.
  • The veil shall not be lifted
The Kinfolk of the Wyrmcomers do not know them, the hide and moan at the very sight of their Garou cousins. We always live close to our Kin, and chose strong people from the start, .They fear us, but in their hearts they know Great Wendigo looks after them and keeps from them a thing more terrible than any one of us
  • Do not suffer thy people to tend thy sickness
Wendigo teaches strength in all things. Strength in body , strength in spirit. Wendigo teaches us to rely on ourselves. The great of us go out onto the ice, when it is time Wendigo himself runs down from the sky to eat his heart and return the strength of his spirit to the the people. Death is a part of life.
  • You may challenge a leader during times of peace
A leader that knows she must prove her strength is a leader that keeps herself strong, in all things. To do otherwise is foolishness. No one wolf knows every watering hole
  • You may not challenge a leader during time of war
Idiocy and madness. Only a Wyrmcomer would turn their hatches on their own when the Wyrm is on the door.
  • Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated
This is our greatest grievance against the Wyrmcomers. This is their greatest crime. How can they make amends for all the caren they have stolen, and they have the gaul to think they have done nothing wrong.

Wendigo Totems

Sasquatch was our totem, then Sasquatch disappeared and Wendigo replaced him, some say Wendigo killed Sasquatch and some say that Sasquatch is Wendigo. Wendigo is the beast of snow and ice, the marauder of the frozen northern lands. It is a cannibal spirit, devouring the hearts of its does, but it is too much of the Wyld to be tainted by the Wyrm. Wendigo teaches the Garou how to use the wild tactics of the storm in battle. It also teaches them to harness the cold bitterness within them, turning it into murderous rage.

Wendigo Spirit ban asks that its Children always aid native peoples when they are in trouble.

How the Wendigo view other Tribes

  • The Black Furies:
They rob half their sterneth , No men? At all? Only a Wyrmcomer would come up with an idea like that. Madness.
  • The Bone Gnawers:
Pathetic, they are an utter embarrassment, there only saving grace is they are what they are out of misfortune rather than intent. Our kinfolk are placed in a similar situation ,but where we fight to keep our ways, they just roll over and take it.
  • The Children of Gaia:
The at least have the stones to feel guilt for what was done to us. They help keep our kinfolk from starving to death.
  • The Fianna:
We hate them. They are a boil on the ass of the Pure Lands, and we are the knife to lance it. They come into our lands, corrupt our people with whiskey and disease and make it like they have done us a favor! Arrogant dronken fools.
  • The Get of Fenris:
These we hate most of all. They know only strength and have no use for wisdom. They are arrogant ,stupid and brutal. They would kill a dozen Garou if the thought their precious glory lay on the other side.
  • Iron Riders:
Traitors to the blood. They have forsaken everything that Gaia have given them and consorted with the Weaver. Ignore them. Speak if necessary, they are worthy only of scorn.
  • The Red Talons:
We are brothers. We run in the same woods and hunt the same caribou and know the same pains. The Talons are our closest allies, their anger rivals that of the Great Wendigo himself. They have our respect, We are Garou, we are both man AND wolf, and one day they will only be wolf and we will lose their strength.
  • The Shadow Lords:
They are Wyrmcomers, what more need to be said. At least they are honest about being lying sons of bitches, Don't ever turn your back on them . Don't ever trust them, even when you know they are lying.
  • The Silent Striders:
Of all the tribes that came over the seas, only the Striders did not take our caerns for their own. Be careful, more often than not they bring bad news, and i would not count on them to hang around to help deal with it. Some stink of the grave, watch them closely.
  • The Silver Fangs:
Once they were all they claim to be, noble brave strong. Their fangs have dulled and their spirits waned, they point to their ancestors and say because my father was a chief there for I must be as well. That is not our way, that is not the Garou way. They use the littiny when it serves them and ignore it when it doesn't.
  • The Stargazers:
We are at war here! To withdraw when the battle is so hard pressed is foolishness at best, cowardice worthy of death at worst. Remind them that of that when they come again to cry that their precious retreats are under siege.
  • The Uktena:
Elder Brother has lost his way in the black paths and bitter secrets better left undiscovered. Once there was three tribes of the Pure land, Croatan gave their lives for Gaia. Uktena gave their souls to darkness. We must help them find pride again.