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Playable, Partially Restricted

What are Werewolves

Werewolf, Garou

They are the warriors of Gaia, the Garou are part man, part beast and part spirit. It their duty to keep the balance in nature on behalf of Gaia. In the world of darkness the Garou fight against the primordial forces of destruction and corruption known as The Wyrm.

The Triat
In the beginning, there were three entities of great power, the Wyld, the Weaver, and the Wyrm.
The Weaver is the primordial force of order and scientific advancement, the Wyld is the primordial force of creation, entropy, and chaos, and the Wyrm was the primordial force of balance between order and chaos who destroyed that which ended the harmony. At some point, the Weaver went mad by trying to bring the entirety of the Wyld's chaos into order and trapped the Wyrm in her Pattern Web, injuring it and driving it to madness; turning it to the destruction of the world of Gaia's creation.
The triat was shattered, and weak point began to affect the world in different way. The taints are pale corrupted versions of pure energy of the triat that they once represented. These pockets of energy can affect the way you think and behave. Taint is not good in any form and should be cleansed immediately.

Nature of Werewolf

These are terms that, even if you know nothing else, should allow you to have a good understand what is being talked about in this world.

Gaia is the spiritual representation of the Earth, the mother of all living things. More directly, she is credited with creating the Garou and most of the Fera to be her warriors, servants and agents in both the material and spirit worlds. Gaia is a Celestial, one of the most powerful spirits known to exist - possibly the most powerful.
Luna is the spiritual embodiment of Earth's Moon. Notably, she is also one of the great spiritual patrons of the Garou.
The spiritual energy given by Gaia. While all creatures have some spiritual component, Garou can consciously control and use it. Garou are quite literally half-spirit already, and Gnosis reflects how connected they are to their other half.
Rage is a mystical wellspring of primal anger granted to the Garou by Luna. It allows them to move at great speed, shrug off mighty wounds, and change forms quickly. It can also power some Gifts. Because it was a gift from Luna, creatures with Rage are susceptible to silver.
Gifts are special powers granted to the Garou by spirits. Gift are taught by spirits, each Gift represents an aspect of a spirit. Spirits generally will ask for [i]chiminage[/i] for teaching a Gift. The greater the Gift, the greater the chiminage. Non innate gifts must be taught by a spirit. Learning a Gift from another Garou is generally frowned upon.
Garou heal rapidly outside of combat.
Werewolves have one type of Frenzy. Rage. Currently, Rage Frenzies are caused by the Enrage power. When a character enters a Rage Frenzy they gain an instant level of Augment and become immune to Mentals except for Quell Beast. You may not use active resists, Mental, or Status powers, but can use any other powers on your character sheet. While in Frenzy you may not choose the targets of your wrath, you simply attack anyone nearby.
This is the werewolfs war form, is a nine foot tall half human half wolf. In our WYSIWYG system, this is represented by wearing a wolf mask.
The Umbra is the spirit world, a shadow or reflection of the real world. It is inhabited by spirits, gods, ghosts, and various other supernatural beings. The Umbra can broadly be thought of as all realms that exist beyond the mundane terrestrial existence of Earth. In the normal world, Werewolves only have access to parts of the Umbra that contain Gaian Spirits.
Rite of passage
When a cub has proven themselves they go through a Rite of Passage where they become a full member of Garou society
your deeds and actions affect how Garou society sees you. Beneficial actions will help you gain renown and actions that harm the Garou cause will take away renown. When you have earned enough renown, you can challenge to go up in Rank
Werewolves track their status among each other using a ranking system. Gaian Spirits and other Garou spread stories of their heroism and all recognize their power as they gain more Renown.
Deed name
a name earned by a Garou through action, usually given by a pack or spirits. Deed Names are usually given by Galliards or Ragabash.
a group for Garou bonded under a spirit totem, who fight and work as a group.
A large group of Garou, often formed around a Cearn. A Sept is normally made of a few different Garou packs working together.
Caerns are places of power and very holy sites to the Garou and other Fera. They will do everything in their power to claim, and protect them. A Caern is a natural wellspring of Gnosis, the spiritual energies of Gaia, used by the Garou to power their gifts. Caerns also have a very thin gauntlet, allowing easier congress between the physical world and the Umbra. Usually a Caern Spirit guides the Garou of the Sept.
Moots are, for the most part, meetings held by Garou. There are different kinds of moots to be held for different occasions, whether a seasonal celebration, a chance to share stories and resolve arguments, or a grand meeting between multiple Septs to prepare for war.
The Howl
This is how garou introduce themselves to each other. They should state their Deed Name, Breed, Tribe, Auspice, Rank, and Pack.
humans with the blood of the garou but not actual werewolves themselves


  • 0: Cub
  • 1: Cliath
  • 2: Fostern
  • 3: Adren
  • 4: Athro
  • 5: Elder


Every garou is born under a different phase of the moon and that defines the Wolf’s role in society.

The warrior aspect of Lunaare the most fierce among the Garou, they often step into leadership roles during war time.
The story tellers and keepers of the ancient Lore, they are the one’s who know all of the ancient legends and songs. A highly important role in a society that follows Oral Tradition.
The Judges and Mediators in Garou society, the are often the leaders duringpeace time.
The spirit guide or Shaman; the primary contact with the spiritual world, the Umbra and spirits.
Tricksters and Questioner of the old way that excel in pranks and subterfuge to teach what must be learned

The Tribes of the Garou Nation

The Garou Nation as a whole is made up of Thirteen Tribes, which relate to each other in different ways. For many Garou, their heritage is a badge of honor. Regardless, the Tribe into which your character is born (or fostered, in some cases) will be a large part of what defines them as a person - their beliefs, their goals, and so much more.

  • Black Furies: are a Tribe made up almost entirely of female Garou who are most in tune with the Wyld and claim to be descended from the mythical Amazons. The only male members of the Furies are Metis. Male children are given to other Tribes.
  • Bone Gnawers: are a Tribe that reside in slums and poor areas of human society, often looked down upon by other Garou and mankind.
  • Children of Gaia: are a Tribe of pacifists who believe that war is not the way to stave off the Apocalypse.
  • Fianna: are a Tribe originating among the Celts. They are the carousing storytellers of Garou society who claim to have had the first Galliard. They also have a connection to the fairy-folk (Changeling: The Dreaming).
  • Get of Fenris: are a Tribe with Germanic roots who believe physical strength and fighting prowess are more important than any other performance, often coming to head with other Tribes who disagree with their warmongering ways.
  • Iron Riders: are the Tribe most in tune with the Weaver, directly involving themselves in human society and having technological prowess. Over time, the Iron Riders have been the only tribe to change their names to keep up with the time and technology - originally known as Warders of Man.
  • Red Talons: are a Tribe of Lupus-only Garou who are highly separatist and see humanity as an example of the Wyrm's effects on Earth and seek to wipe them off the face of the earth
  • Shadow Lords: are a Tribe of Slavic Garou who seek to usurp the Silver Fangs as Garou society's leaders, and often have ulterior motives to their actions.
  • Silent Striders: are a Tribe of Egyptian origin who have been exiled from their homeland by a group of Vampires. They are most in tune with the dark Umbra (the realm of the dead). Silent Strider characters are usually more involved with Supernatural dead things.
  • Silver Fangs: are self-proclaimed leaders of Garou society, often having relatives who were members of royal families. Generations of heavy inbreeding have resulted in common mental illnesses.
  • Stargazers: are a Tribe originally out of Southern Asia and India, named for their proficiency in astrology. Loners by nature, they are the calmest and most introverted of the Garou, as well as the smallest of the remaining tribes. Their shrinking numbers and power, a result of the destruction of their homelands by the Wyrm, caused a number of changes to the tribe, most importantly in their alliances.
  • Uktena: are a Tribe of Garou who originated among the indigenous peoples of the Americas, but have since allowed other animistic peoples into their fold. They are the "Older Brother" of the Garou known as the Pure Ones, Garou who claimed the Americas as home, and also are more into mysticism than their closest relatives.
  • Wendigo: are the "Younger Brother" of the Native American Garou, who have human Kinfolk amongst people who inhabit the Arctic and Subarctic regions of North America. They hold a grudge against the European Garou, whom they call the Wyrmbringers, for the events of the European colonization of the Americas that resulted in deaths of the native peoples and the extinction of the third group of North American Garou.
  • Black Spiral Dancers: formerly known as the White Howlers, they were a tribe of Garou of whom were descended from the Picts in Scotland. They attempted to battle the Wyrm directly by seeking it out directly in its lair known as the Black Spiral. They were driven mad by the Wyrm and only survive to modern times as the antagonistic Black Spiral Dancer tribe who actively foster the Apocalypse and are heavily deformed due to their devotion to the Wyrm instead of Gaia.

Tribal information can be found in Tribe Books, but will also show up in other articles in the future.


  • Homid werewolves were born as humans(born on two legs). They are the most numerous due to the expansion of human civilization, homid born Garou must learn to live between the human world they know and the supernatural world they enter into after their First Change.
  • Lupus werewolves were born as wolves(born on four legs). In much of the world, lupus kin are dying out or being hunted to extinction. Lupus may be rare, but their connection to the natural world is greater than their homid brothers and sisters.
  • Metis were born in their war form(born in crinos), born of two Garou, a crime in Garou society, resulting in deformed physical or mentally and sterile child. Often mistrusted or outright hated by most tribes.

The Litany

These are the laws that each garou lives by and honors. As they follow these rule, they gain renowned, however, break any of these rule is to lose renowned. Failure to follow certain rules will be punished severely.

  • Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated
  • Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds
  • Garou shall not mate with other garou
  • The veil shall not be lifted
  • Submit to those of a high station
  • Respect those beneath you, all are of Gaia
  • The First share of the kill for the greatest in station
  • Respect the territory of another
  • You may challenge a leader during times of peace
  • You may not challenge a leader during time of war
  • Do not suffer thy people to tend thy sickness
  • Accept an honorable surrender
  • Never eat the flesh of man or wolf

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