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I get that every rulebook can be a little complex - we've included a Quick Start guide to help players get at the most important information, and help learn how you can get a character built. If you find we're missing something, please contact the Rules Team with your idea and we'll look at getting it added.

You can learn how to make boffer weapons for Dark Prospects at the Making Boffers page.

Dark Prospects rulebook information

Current rules revision is VERSION: 2018/08/10 (Season 5 / S5R1)

All things as one: Dark Prospects Rulebook [printable pdf]

Nothing unusual here: Dark Prospects Mortal Rulebook [printable pdf]

Bloody good fun: Dark Prospects Vampire Rulebook [printable pdf]

To die for: Dark Prospects Wraith Rulebook [printable pdf]

Things may get fuzzy: Dark Prospects Werewolf Rulebook [printable pdf]

We avoid the fuzz: Dark Prospects Fera Rulebook [printable pdf]

Existence depends on them: Dark Prospects Gaian Spirit Rulebook [printable pdf]

For Playtest Reference Only: Dark Prospects Changeling Rulebook [printable pdf]

Just show me the powers! Powers [pdf]

Individual Section links (for editors) All Chapters

Setting Information

What should I know about the... RP and Setting Information


Use the Categories page to find rituals that fit the requirements for your character.

Learn more about rituals, including how to create custom rituals on the Rituals page.